Fuck social media

Where to begin.  I've been in a huge rut lately, and not because I doubt my work or where I'm at as an artist, but because of social media.    Is anyone else just exhausted with our creative and artistic groups?  When did I'll like your page if you like my page start?  When did we just stop really appreciating artists and their work, and by work I mean true art.  When did our art get replaced with likes and numbers.

I've tried to keep up with the "supportive game." Liking every person's page, commenting and showing love daily on photos and posts, and I'm fucking exhausted. Over the years of being a part of this community, I have made some AMAZING and wonderful friends. I'm not friends with them because of the social status, I'm friends with them because of their beautiful minds and hearts. I'm friends with these people because they challenge me creatively and are honest. That is true support, that is what we need more of.  

I've struggled over the past few months between being supportive, because I feel like it's gone to a place beyond being supportive. It's gone to a place where it's how many likes did I get?  How many people like my work, or give me a shoutout. I spend more time trying to be supportive of others then supporting my seIf and feeding my artistic soul.  It has become a popularity contest, and I'm not down with it. 

We spread ourselves so thin as artists. Shooting for ourselves, shooting for clients, submitting to contests, blogs, creating blogs and so on. It gets to the point where you lose track of why you picked up the camera in the first place.  Next time, you go to an artist's page, don't just like their page for one more number, but really genuinely love their art and see what they're creating. I just can't love on posts that don't feed my creative soul anymore.  I feel like I'm a "mean girl," but sometimes you get to a place as an artist where you need to step back, and that's where I'm at. 

Here's to making my way back to loving and discovering beautiful art and the people behind it. Remember always shoot for you, and the second you stop doing that.. shut it down. Shut it the fuck down.