My name is Rebecca Wang, owner of Rebecca Wang Photography. My work mostly consists of photographing my family, but I also like to switch it up with lifestyle and documentary sessions.

    What really drives me is authenticity and true genuine emotion between not only my family, but others as well.  There is just something about connection that I'm so drawn to. I love genuine laughter, cries, moments that you can't pose or make up. I long to discover what makes your family tick and what makes you, you. 

I'm a lover of adventure and discovering new places and incorporating gorgeous backdrops into my lifestyle sessions.  I'm always up for trying anything new and I always love a good challenge. 

I'm a blogger over at Light Inspired, I find and discover new artists and interview them.  I've had work published in Beyond the Wanderlust, and have had features on Let the Kids, The Dark Room, Life Unscripted, Euphoric Capture, In the Shadows, Reflections, and Dear photographer.